Shake Rattle, & Roll! Odds are if it moves, or something moves it, then it needs shock and vibration testing.

Mechanical failure is one of the most disastrous failure modes in the modern industrialized world. If it can vibrate loose, it will, and stress is cumulative, especially beyond the elastic or design limits of components or devices. Vibration and shock testing are conducted to ensure components and products can endure the stresses caused by movement, transportation, resonances, and repeated bumps or shocks, as well as to ensure systems do not generate nuisance noise.

DTL offers a wide-variety of vibration and mechanical shock testing and can simulate almost any vibration stress, including random vibration, sine vibration, shaker shock, drop shock, squeak and rattle, real-time simulation, and many specialty combinations such as sine-on-random, Kurtosis, and random-on-random…

Electro-Dynamic (ED) Vibration Systems

Mechanical Shock

*NEW* Electro-Dynamic (ED) Vibration System

  • Up to 15,000 force-pound
  • 2-Inch Displacement
  • Ambient Systems
  • Combined Environment (Temperature / Humidity over Vibration)
  • Sine, Random, Sine-on-Random, Random-on-Random, Kurtosion, Shock, Transient Capture, iDOF
  • Shaker Shock on ED Shaker Systems
  • Higher Shock Pulses on the Avco Drop Shock Machine
  • Handling / Packaging Drop
  • 11,000 force-pound inductor ring system
  • Specially designed for harsher profiles, such as non-gaussian vibration with kurtosis control and high-level engine-type profiles.