Water is one of the most insidious forces of nature. Whether it’s designed to keep water in, or keep water out, we can test it.

The IEC, ISO, NEMA, MIL-STD, RTCA, and many other regulatory agencies generate methods and test standards designed around ensuring moisture, water, dust, and other objects cannot penetrate or otherwise adversely affect the operation of products and systems. Dust and water ingress testing are conducted to ensure that water and dust (or other solids) cannot enter or affect operation and are commonly assigned a NEMA and/or IP Code rating indicating that they meet the minimum industry standards for protection against water, dust, and solid intrusion. Water spray testing is also performed to ensure paints, coatings, labels, or other laminates do not come off when subjected to repeated splash or high-pressure spray, such as those encountered at a car wash, as well as to ensure connector systems meet the satisfactory sealing requirements necessary to protect against water ingress.

DTL can conduct all IP Code testing specified per the IEC, ISO, or DIN specifications. DTL also offers other industry standard water testing such as immersion, car wash spray, heavy splash, drip, thermal shock ice water splash, and many others. We understand the process of sealing equipment, how connector systems operate, how paint, labels, and other adhesive and laminate process work, and how all of this can be affected by temperature, pressure, and flow. We want to be your water and dust testing partner…

Water Spray

Dust Testing

Thermal Shock Water Splash

  • IPx1 and IPx2 – Drip Testing
  • IPx3 and IPx4 – Water Spray
  • IPx5, IPx5K, IPx6, IPx6K – High-pressure Spray
  • IPx9K – Carwash spray simulation
  • Customized setups
  • Settling Dust
  • IP5, IP6, IP5K, IP6K
  • Ice Water Splash
  • ISO 16570-4
  • With or Without Mud Slurry (Arizona Dust)