Electronics permeate every aspect of our daily lives and require rigorous testing to ensure they work right every time.

Electronics can work for years under the right conditions and burn up in a microsecond under the wrong conditions. Understanding how different electrical systems operate and the ways different adverse conditions may impact those electronics is a critical application within the testing industry. Ensuring voltages, signals, pulses, and switching conditions are allied accurately can mean the difference between life and death. In a car crash, electrical life and safety systems must continue to operate in the milliseconds necessary to brake, deploy airbags, or engage other safety protocols. When an alternator goes bad it is important that it not destroy all of the electrical components in the vehicle. Understanding not only how, but why the various aspects of electrical testing are import is key ensuring a successful electrical test program and critical to preventing false negative results.

DTL understands how vital electrical systems are and how much our daily lives depend on more and more sensitive electronics. From radios to battery systems, from electrical braking modules inverters or airbag sensors, DTL has the expertise to make your electrical testing a shocking success…

Electrical and Benchtop Testing

ISO 16750-2 / GMW3172
(Leg 6)

ISO 16750-2 / GMW3172 (Leg 6)

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Dielectric Withstand / Breakdown (Hipot)
  • Voltage / Current / Resistance
  • Custom data acquisition / LabVIEW data acquisition
  • State Change Waveform Characterization
  • Ground Path Inductance Sensitivity
  • Power Supply Interruptions
  • Battery Voltage Dropout
  • Sinusoidal Superimposed Voltage
  • Pulse Superimposed Voltage
  • Intermittent Short Circuit
  • Continuous Short Circuit
  • Discrete Digital Input Threshold Voltage
  • Crank Pulse Capability & Durability
  • Jump Start
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Over Voltage
  • Over Load
  • Open Circuit
  • Ground Offset
  • Power Offset
  • Parasitic Current
  • Custom waveforms